Rescuing an Unconscious Casualty from Open Water – Part 7

Accompanied Rescue
This is a water based contact rescue which requires the rescuer turning the casualty before they can tow them to safety.
The rescuer must be a competent swimmer and be able to tread water if the rescue is performed in deep water.
• Shout for assistance yourself as there may be someone in the area that can help and get them to call an ambulance 999/112
• Approach the casualty safely and slowly to their side or the head
• Rotate the casualty by gently but firmly pushing down on one shoulder whilst supporting the other shoulder as it rotates
• As the casualty turns to transfer your hand to support the head and position the casualty into the horizontal float position
• Always rotate the casualty do not lift the casualty out of the water
• If in deep water place one hand under the casualty’s chin, extend your arm and tow casualty to safe & firm support
• If you can stand up then place the casualty’s head on your shoulder and support their back with your hands and walk the casualty to a safe and firm support
• Assess the casualty’s breathing by positioning the casualty in front of you with their neck in the crook of your arm and your hand supporting their shoulder
• Extend the casualty’s airway and assess for signs of normal breathing, by lowering your cheek to cover their mouth and nose. If breathing normally continue to support the casualty and remove them from the water as soon as possible
• Once landed reassess the casualty until medical help arrives

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