Accompanied Rescue

This is a water-based non-contact rescue, providing the casualty with a buoyant aid to help them to swim (or wade) to safety.
This is a RED SKILL because it requires the rescuer to enter the water, and get very close to, or possibly enter the contact zone to start the rescue. However, once the aid has been passed to the casualty the rescuer can stay outside the contact zone for the rest of the rescue.
Suitable Casualty & Environmental Characteristics
A Panicking, non-panicking casualty, calm or turbulent conditions, Any water depth, unable to be rescued using safer rescue methods.

• Shout for assistance yourself as there may be someone in the area that can help
• Talk/shout to casualty and let them know what you are going to do, telling them to calm down
• Perform a safe entry into the water & wear a PFD and take a buoyant aid
• Wade or swim to the casualty keeping them in your sight all the time
• Use the defensive stand-off position (3-4 metres from the casualty)
• Throw the buoyant aid to the casualty from outside the of the contact zone.
• Instruct the casualty to hold the aid against their chest with both arms, keep looking at you, kick with both legs and follow you.
• Swim in front of the casualty to a position of safety
• Consider when the rescue attempt is too dangerous (and consider other options)
• Communicate with any other helpers as you approach the water’s edge
• Continually reassess your personal safety, exit route, and the casualty until the rescue is completed
• Call an ambulance 999/112 if required

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