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Holidays are over;  Back to School Hints & Tips

I can’t actually believe that the summer holidays are nearly over and it is time for the children to go back to school. For some this will be their first time, others will be moving to a new school and others will be moving up a year with maybe a new teacher and challenges ahead.

Below are a few hints and tips to help you all get back into the swing of things:-

1. Start talking about school, what they can expect for the next year, and if it is all new, practice some conversation ideas to give them confidence to talk to other children and their teachers.

2. Start moving towards earlier bedtimes and a more structured day before they go back, there is nothing worse than suddenly being thrown back into the school routine! A good night’s sleep is key to a productive following day.

3. Think about packed lunches’, vary what you put in rather than the usual crisps and biscuits. Change from bread, to wraps or bagels e.t.c, chop up veggies and fruit. Get the children to help you choose what they would like to eat and to help you make their lunch the night before. For older children, encourage them to be more responsible and let them make their own packed lunch – ideally the night before!!

4. Set out a homework plan, let the children decide when they do their homework, but make it clear that it will need to be completed around hobbies and other activities.

5. Have a copy of the child’s school timetable up on the wall, this way you are all aware of what subjects they have each day and what they need to take. This will also help with only taking books that they need each day, rather than carry them all around every day.

6. Get Organised – get children to pack their bag the night before, layout uniform, make sure packed lunches are made up and in the fridge, plan what breakfast they will have and get ready what you can. This extra time the night before will help things run smoother in the morning, and if you are running late will save you precious time.

7. School Bags – particularly for older children, backpacks are the best as they transfer the weight across the whole of the back, rather than all down one side. School books and paper, as well as water bottles all, weigh really heavy, so be mindful of back pain etc.

8. It is already starting to happen, and this will only speed up, the nights are drawing in and it is getting darker earlier. Try and make sure that somewhere on children’s coats or bags there are reflective strips which will glow in car headlights. Nearly all school clothing is dark, so it is important that children can be seen at dusk.

9. Road safety – for children starting school, make sure you go over road safety. For older children, remind them not to walk out in front of or behind the school buses, drivers will not be able to see them and that is when accidents will happen. If children are walking home on their own, encourage them to walk as a group and ideally get them to send a text to say they are on their way.

Wishing you all a great start to the new school year, and enjoy all the amazing things school can bring.

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