Paediatric First Aid

Paediatric First Aid: Keeping the Kids Safe

The paediatric first aid course covers all that you have to know in assisting an injured or sick child. It is a combination of learning modules and exercises which can be finished at a total of 22 hours of training. The paediatric first aid certification meets the prerequisites of different organisations and is along these lines suitable for instructors to finish their enlistments. It takes after the most recent rules and standards from EYFS in order to give individuals genuine feelings of serenity when taking care of the kids.

What is Paediatric First Aid Training?

Paediatric first aid Training is comprised of a 22-hour training course that focuses on a different emergency scenario that may occur while you are taking care of a child or an infant. These may include child carers, preschools, school clubs, nursery schools and others. This is specifically designed for people whose works are involved with young children such as educators providing the early educations.

During the paediatric first aid training, you will be able to safely assess any emergency scenario. You will be taught how to properly administer first aid technique to kids or infants who are unresponsive or have a certain difficulty in breathing due to a medical condition or if there is a foreign object obstructing the air passage. You will also be taught on how to tend children that has an external bleeding or those who have injuries on their muscles, joints and bones.

The paediatric first aid Training will also guide you on how to properly administer care and attention to different medical conditions such as convulsions, meningitis, allergic reaction, asthma, diabetes and sickle cell. It will also offer you a comprehensive training on how to administer attention and first aid to injuries and accidents such as electric chock, burns, poison, insect sting, animal bites, nose bleeds, splinters, bruises, bumps, grazes and others. It will also teach you on how to attend to different child condition associated with eyes, nose and ears. Also on much serious cases that need an immediate medical attention such as injuries in the head, spinal cord, anaphylaxis and shock or trauma.

The appropriate recording of the incident to aid the more detailed medical attention will also be taught to you during the paediatric first aid Training. After you managed to complete the whole course, you will be awarded a certification and a detailed assessment letter that notes the understanding of the learner.

Why DjB Training and Development Limited for Your Paediatric First Aid Training?

DjB Training and Development Limited completely adhere to the standard of different regulating bodies that is associated with paediatric first aid Training. Our trainings are supervised by highly experienced and qualified professionals. At DjB Training and Development Limited, we are completely aware that it is crucial to be both competent and confident when taking care of the infants and the kids; and our trainers will make sure that you will be armed with the right set of aptitude and skills that will enable you to execute a proper attention and care to the kids.

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