Paediatric First Aid Training

Paediatric First Aid Training Course

Children tend to be susceptible to a variety of health risks. Anyone planning on taking care of a newborn baby or older children needs to have the relevant training on how to respond in case of medical emergencies. Paediatric first aid training courses are designed to specifically equip learners with the necessary skills needed to respond to a variety of conditions and risks affecting young children. Once certified, the trainee is in a position to care for young children and even adults, with the added advantage of having the right knowledge and skills to respond to common medical emergencies.

Below we will look at what you need to know about paediatric first aid training courses.

Who Needs this Course?

The paediatric first aid training course is designed for anyone who intends to take care of a new born baby or children. As such, parents, older siblings and even grand parents can take part in the training. Nursery and pre-school employees, childminders and nannies are legally required to have recognised certification in the field of paediatric first aid. Anyone else who feels that they need paediatric first aid skills due to the fact that they regularly deal with kids is also welcome to undertake this important safety course.

What is Included

Once you determine that you need to undertake a paediatric first aid training course, it is worthwhile to be informed on some of the main skills and lessons to be learnt. Trainees can expect to learn about asthma and diabetic emergencies, choking, seizures, head injuries, strains, sprains and fractures, scalds and burns, stings, bites and poisoning, first aid kit contents and use, resuscitation techniques as well as anaphylaxis treatment among others. All these conditions and risks are deemed to be some of the most common medical emergencies affecting young children.

Course Duration

The Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid course is divided into two units. These include Managing Paediatric Illness, the Emergency Paediatric First Aid unit, Injuries and Emergencies unit. The duration of the course usually depends on the size of the group attending the paediatric first aid training course at any given time.

Relevant Regulations

The paediatric first aid training course is recognised under Ofsted. It is included as one of the requirements for anyone appointed in any workplace to care for children. Child carers within Wales, England and Northern Ireland must have completed this course under the legal framework for the early Years Foundation Stage.

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