Level 3 First Aid at Work

Based on the statistics, the UK ambulance can only respond to around 75% of the emergency call, which clearly states that there is a crucial factor residing upon the individual that will implement the first aid. The number of response even decrease massively on busy and remote areas. This is why level 3 first aid at work is a critical factor in a working environment.

What is Level 3 First Aid at Work?

The level 3 first aid at work training is intended specifically for those first aiders that are working in a hazardous working environment such as the supermarket, construction sites and manufacturing plant. The entire course will take at least 3 days and will provide you with a comprehensive knowledge and skill in administering the first aid.

During the start of the level 3 first aid at work training course, the facilitator will explain to you the responsibilities and the role of the first aid provider. This way, you will be able to efficiently assess an emergency scenario. You will also be taught on how to deal with an injured person who is having a difficulty in breathing and who are unresponsive. You will be prepared on how to deal with emergency incidents such as choking, bleeding, shock and minor injuries.

The level 3 first aid at work focus heavily on administering medical attention to different scenarios such as damage on the muscle, bones and joints as well as on a more serious injuries such as spinal injuries and head trauma, chest injuries, scalds and burns, eye, ears, and nose injuries, poisoning, major illness and anaphylaxis. With the proper and extensive training, you will also be able to recognise a possible injury and prevent them from even occurring.

The recording and documenting of the emergency situation is also taught in the level 3 first aid at work training which can ultimately affect the further medical analysis of the injured person.

Why DjB Training and Development Limited for your level 3 first aid at work Training?

DjB Training and Development Limited is a training company that executes a considerable length of training and courses annually. We ensure that our learners and delegates will be able to receive the highest level of training and lessons both as a training module and activities with regards to level 3 first aid at work. The training that we provide meets the standards of different regulating body and in compliance with strict and adaptable guidelines. We offer informative, handy, practical, realistic and dynamic but fun courses.

DjB Training and Development Limited are also well equipped to conduct the training at your facilities to enhance its effectiveness and determine the possible causes of injuries. We also offer a personalised training module depending on the type of industry you are in. With the vast experience of our trainers both in real life and as a trainer, you can be sure that you will only receive the best and high-quality level 3 first aid at work training that you can apply on real life scenarios.

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