First Aid at Work

First Aid at Work: Establishing a Safer, Healthier Workplace

Annually, it is believed that there are more than 200,000 accidents that occur in the workplace. If in case an ambulance is needed, it will take approximately eight minutes for such to arrive. More so, the first four minutes after an accident will prove to be most crucial. With this, even before professional medical help arrives, it is important for first aid response to be given. This should already give you a clear picture of how important first aid at work can prove to be.

It is a Legal Requirement

First aid at work is important not only because it can save lives, but also because it is a legal responsibility that should be met. Existing laws require organisations to have the basic first aid equipment and facilities that can help to save lives. In addition, another important thing is to have a first aid responder. The latter will be the one responsible for calling 999 if there is a need for medical response.

Provide Employees with the Knowledge that They Need

According to statistics, 59% of the members of the workforce will not be confident in executing first aid, which is basically because they lack the knowledge and the skills that are required. They are hesitant because they are afraid that they can only worsen the problem instead of having it resolved. More so, about one-third of employees will carry out first aid at work without the right knowledge. With this, training should be provided to be able to make sure that they can do things right.

Essential Factors to Consider

When it comes to first aid at work, one of the most important considerations would be the size of the work place, including the number of employees. If the company is big, there is a need to assign more than one appointed person. The kind of risk that is apparent within the workplace should be also evaluated. If it is a high-risk environment, such as if there are heavy machineries and hazardous chemicals, it is more important to consider first aid. In addition, it is also important to consider the financial aspect. The business must invest in key facilities and equipment that will be required for the preparedness in executing first aid.

Lastly, it is also critical to consider who will provide the training that is needed for employees to learn about first aid at work. The management must rely on the experience and expertise of professionals who can execute training programs for employees to have comprehensive knowledge about first aid. In this case, DjB Training is one of the best companies in the country that can help. They have designed various training programmes that can be performed on site to train employees about the fundamentals of first aid.

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