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First Aid At Work Training (FAW): Is It That Important?

You cannot overstate the importance of having a qualified first-aider at work. In the event of an emergency, they usually come in handy to help injured or ill employees. First aider’s are entirely responsible for handling emergencies, and making sure that the first aid kit is stocked. If you are an employer and have identified that you need first-aiders, select a qualified First Aid at Work Training provider such as DjB Training & Development Ltd to help make the right decision.

Why Is FAW Training So Essential?

#1: It Takes On Average 9 Minutes for an Ambulance to Arrive

The fact that it takes that long (on average eight minutes) for medical help to arrive, it’s crucial to have a first-aider on hand. Emergencies are often a matter of life and death, and there is always no time to waste. Incidentally, the given eight minutes do not account for getting to the phone and making an emergency call in the first place. You barely have time. So FAW training is not just important, it’s recommended.

#2: A Blocked Airway Can Kill in Less Than 9 Minutes

It would take less than four minutes for someone with a blocked away to die. So having a first aider would save their life prior to the arrival of an ambulance. Clearing the airway is often an easy task, but a very important one. A first aid at work course ensures that employees are well trained how to clear someone’s airway in the event of an emergency. The training helps your employees to learn what their priorities should be in such a scenario.

#3: Many People Lose Their Lives, Who could’ve survived With First Aid Treatment

You don’t want your employees to become a statistic, do you? Then make your workplace a safer place to work in by selecting a qualified First Aid at Work training provider to help your employees learn how to save lives. The training is not aimed at helping only those at your workplace, but also wherever the employees will go. FAW training could potentially save lives.

#4: Over 200,000 Injuries Occur In Workplaces Every Year

Life-threatening emergencies rarely occur in the workplace. But this doesn’t mean that minor or major injuries don’t. It is hence essential to have someone readily available who can provide the correct treatment. Trained personnel save a lot of time and money.

And that’s where the need for FAW training comes in: your company can negate the need for an outside assistance in the event of an emergency. So stretch your coin and seek the services of DjB Training & Development. They’re experienced in delivering regulated First Aid at Work training.

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