Emergency First Aid at Work Training

Emergency First Aid at Work Training Course

You are an employer. At the workplace, one of your employees gets injured and requires immediate medical help. You rush to the phone and make an emergency call. But you’re made aware that an ambulance will only arrive in eight or nine minutes. Your employee doesn’t have much time to live. You panic. Make more frantic calls. By the time an ambulance arrives, your employee is gone. Could they have survived if first-aid treatment was administered? Yes.

Emergency first aid at work training course, which is a one-day course, is not just vital but also an integral part of every company or business. The course aims at helping your employees to learn the importance of having a first-aider at the workplace. The emergency course also helps your company meet regulatory requirements if your risk assessment indicates that FAW (first aid at work) training that covers emergency protocols is truly enough for your workplace.

Who Should Attend an Emergency First Aid at Work Training Course?

All your employees at the workplace can attend. But it’s often better to nominate someone you think is well suited to become a first-aider. You can’t have everyone as first aiders especially if your company or business premise is a smaller, low risk working environment. If, however, your employees work in a high-risk environment, you may consider a number of them to attend the emergency first aid at work training course.

What Is There To Learn?

A would-be first aider has a lot to learn from the course. That’s because the content of the course will provide basic workplace health and safety, life-saving regulations. The one-day course mainly covers the following: the role of the first aider, health and safety (first aid) regulations, managing an emergency, fainting, resuscitation (adult CPR), communication and casualty care, shock, bleeding (minor and severe), burns, seizures (adult), choking (adult), unconscious casualty, etc.


The course takes only a day to complete. In fact, you’ll only have 8 hours of guided learning hours throughout. While the qualification process takes less than 8 hours, additional learner instructions is often undertaken through work-based activities, reading or online research. The 8 hours are the standard hours required to support learner achievement of a unit qualification.


First-aiders attending the course will receive a written assessment and continuous observation by the designated training provider (in this case, DJB Training & Development). DJB Training providers assess your work or the appointed person from your company or business.


Once you’ve attended at least a minimum of 6 classroom hours of the emergency first aid at work training course, you receive a Level 2 Award in emergency first aid at work. If you want to officially become an accredited emergency first-aider, this is the right course to take.

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