EFAW Training

EFAW Training: Emergency First Aid at Work

Individuals at work can endure harm or sudden ailment. It is vital that businesses have made courses of action to guarantee that their workers will get prompt care in case that they are harmed or acquired sickness at work. EFAW training covers the greater part of the important handy abilities expected to satisfy the HSE necessities in order to become an efficient and qualified provider of first aid in the working environment. We have highly qualified and experienced trainers, a significant number of whom have experienced a real-life emergency scenario, so you can be sure that you are receiving a lesson from individuals who are highly competent and capable.

What is EFAW Training?

During an accident or any medical-related emergency, there is a certain timeframe wherein you are required to act abruptly and appropriately in order to minimise the impact of the accident and remove that person away from a critical danger. A single mistake at this moment can be crucial for the person affected and can sometimes cause death. That is why it is vital for your employees to know how to appropriately react on these situations, thus the EFAW training is being offered as an effective EFAW guide.

There are different training modules being offered in the EFAW training depending on the design of the industry you are in. Fortunately, DjB Training and Development Limited can create a customised learning module that will suit your working environment. We can offer you a fixed cost compared to other companies that will price you based on the number of delegates attending the trainings. Furthermore, we can also conduct the training in your facilities in order to maximise its effectiveness.

During the EFAW training, the facilitator will guide you through your role as a first aid provider. It will teach you on how to deal with different emergencies such as choking, burns, bleeding, fainting, shock and unresponsive workers. It will also teach you on how to properly communicate and take care of casualties. During your training, you will also be equipped with the right knowledge on safety as well as health regulations. It will also train you on how to correctly resuscitate unresponsive individuals plus the proper application of CPR.

Why DjB Training and Development Limited for your EFAW Training?

DjB Training and Development Limited is one of the leading facilities in EFAW training in the UK. You have the option to choose where to conduct the training whether it should be conducted in our facilities or directly into your working environment. We are compliant with the HSE standards and regulations. Our training modules are also updated regularly in order to properly equip our trainees with the right amount of skills and aptitudes that will guide them during emergency scenarios. Our trainers also have a vast experience not just in training but in real life. DjB Training and Development Limited also offer a friendly learning place for our learners and delegates.

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