EFAW Training Courses

The Necessity of Taking up EFAW Training Courses

First Aid is a life and professional skill which needs to be learned by workers from all industries. This is why taking up a couple of EFAW Training Courses is necessary for batches of your employees, so they can be prepared for any emergency which might happen in the workplace.

What are EFAW Training Courses?

Emergency First Aid at Work Courses are usually known as EFAW Training Courses. These are taken up for a whole day, within approximately 6 to 8 hours. These courses basically include life-saving practices, along with assigning a colleague who would be attending to a specific emergency. Assignments are also ideal for offices with a small number of personnel, so every colleague will have the reliable specialisation when needed.

If you have a small workspace, there are EFAW Training Courses, which also allow for consultations so the condition of each person may be considered. The EFAW Training Courses may then be tailor fitted, to specifically address the possible emergencies which may ensue depending on the conditions among workers.

These Courses are Compliant to the Nation’s Regulations

According to the Health and Safety Regulations of 1981, employers are required to render training to their employees so they would be prepared in cases of emergencies, injuries or illnesses. This is where EFAW Training Courses are especially handy. If you are self-employed, or you have five or less people in your office, EFAW Training Courses would have your ideal learning modules.

EFAW Training Courses are Way Affordable than Covering for Liabilities

Should you not be able to provide EFAW Training Courses for your employees, you may find it more expensive to cover for an ailing staff member’s recuperation from an accident.

This is in comparison to being legislation compliant and preventing any worse complications which might take place if First Aid was not initially rendered. Your Personal Liability deliverables may even be more complex if the right methods of First Aid were administered, due to lack of EFAW Training Courses.

EFAW Training Courses Encourage Teamwork in the Office

By having a provider to render EFAW Training Courses, your staff members will have more solidarity due to a sense of accountability to look out for each other. On top of providing team building activities, EFAW Training Courses will allow your employees to get to know more about each other when it comes to health conditions. This would definitely add up to your aim of making your staff members more concerned about each other, especially when push comes to shove.

First Aid Training is a necessity and a great asset for your business. Consider your office’s specific requirements, and request for customised learning modules today.

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