Child Safeguarding Training Courses

You cannot overstate the importance of safeguarding your children from looming danger that surrounds them. Every day children are at risk of falling prey to an unsuspecting person with ill-intentions when accessing the Internet’s dark world. As an employer, it’s your duty to safeguard the issues facing children and young people working in your company who access the Internet through a variety of mediums including gaming, mobile phones and computers.

The child safeguarding training courses help you (employer) and other employees to develop the awareness of protecting children and young people against the evils of the Internet. What more is there to learn from the courses? You’ll learn ways on how to develop effective policies and procedures that increase resilience in children and young people in your organisation. The courses also help you learn about many more safeguarding issues related to cyber bullying, etc.

The world is changing fast. The digital world is rapidly growing and ever dynamic. And children have now grown into the technology world. Their Internet usage is phenomenally increasing as they can access it in classrooms, at home, public areas like the library and youth clubs. Internet connectivity is simply everywhere, and children are no longer restricted to accessing it from any fixed location. This is where the problem lies.

While technology has brought about various opportunities for children and young people, there are inherent risks involved. Most children and young people’s knowledge and understanding of these risks may be low or simply non-existent. So children need guidance and support [from a trusted adult] in learning how to be responsible and safe when online. This is where the child safeguarding training courses come into the picture.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to easily evaluate the main tenets of your organisation’s online safety, identify the importance of developing resilience of children and young people who access the Internet, recognise indicators of abuse for children/young people that access the Internet, identify the current safeguarding issues in using new technologies, find ways on how to respond and report safeguarding concerns related to the use of the internet, etc.

The child safeguarding training courses are designed for anyone who line of work brings children into contact with young people and children. This includes volunteers and employees. How you’ll be taught, you ask? DjB Training and Development has experienced trainers and assessors, all qualified to the appropriate National Standards to train you through face-to-face learning on everything you need to know about child safeguarding training.

DjB Development specialises in providing health and safety training solutions services to a range of clients. In a nutshell, they are the best trainers you’ll ever come across to train your team of employees about safeguarding children issues.

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