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Child Care Training Courses

Imagine a teacher in a preschool classroom full of students, going on with her teaching as usual. Then all of a sudden, a student chokes on a cracker, a 13 month-old. The traumatic experience leaves her in shock and unable to figure her next move. If she was trained in child care safety, she would not panic but instead, administer quick abdominal thrusts that will instantly dislodge the cracker and reopen the child’s airway.

Child care training is an important skill that everyone needs to have on their sleeves, especially childcare providers that are entrusted with the care of young children. There is a reason – in fact, two reasons – child care providers are required to undergo training every two years. Firstly, it helps ensure that they are trained in the most current and effective skills that help learn new ways of how to respond to childcare emergencies.

Secondly, the training helps refresh skills that were earlier learned. It is encouraged that both the support staff and classroom teachers undergo regular training. This is where the expertise of DJB Training & Development Ltd comes in. They will help train supporting staff and teachers on child care and award them certificates for their attendance and participation. Child care training helps you respond quickly and effectively in emergencies.

The leading causes of children’s deaths in the U.K. are those caused by road traffic, poisoning, falls, drowning, and burns. All these are unintentional causes. Sometimes children may die due from accidental injuries. These deaths can be averted by training childcare workers on courses on childcare. Part of what the training courses teach is how to provide chest compressions, check the airway, and then provide breaths – in the event, a child is choked.

The reason for conducting chest compressions is to help restore blood flow from the heart. And by checking airway and providing breaths to the victim helps save precious seconds in a cardiac arrest. Without these life-saving skills, a child is likely to die before an ambulance arrives. Those injuries that carry the urgency of a life-threatening emergency is what most childcare givers face hence the need for a child care training course.

Training is focused on four key steps: prevention, safety when an emergency occurs, calling for medical help (it’s a simple skill that also needs training), and taking crucial action. The best way to keep kids from getting hurt is to prevent the worst from happening like protecting electric outlets and also ensuring seat belts are fastened, etc. Being safe when an emergency occurs ensures that you’re also not putting yourself at the risk of getting hurt.

If you need to train your employees on matters childcare safety, DjB Training and Development has experienced trainers and assessors that are qualified to help in child care training, as they provide both health and safety training solutions in the UK.

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